这是14年我们和Kevin一家去yellow stone 玩,很长的roadtrip,坐在车里大家无聊,我们开始逗jimmy,问他班上有没有女朋友,喜欢什么女孩子之类的。Jimmy缓缓的说:”Why all in a sudden we start to talk about love?”


Jimmy: 有个小朋友头上的肥皂蹭到我身上了。。。。。。

Rock star Brian

Brian 是这周班里的Rock Star. 老师让家长写一封信, 班里念给学生听. 妈妈写的信如下:

Dear Son,

You know mom and dad are always proud of you. But do you know when you made us MOST proud?

It’s not when you got good scores from school;
It’s not when you achieved those superior plus ribbons from the piano festivals;
It’s not when you passed the tryout and got in the Frisco swim team;
It’s not even when you scored the goals in the soccer games …

It’s when you held little Jimmy’s hand, led him thought the darkness, and turned on the lights for him;
It’s when you helped with the chores all on you own, and say “thank you, mommy” at the dinner table;
It’s when you practiced over and over again on a hard music by yourself until you could master it;
And It’s when you bravely and smoothly skied down your first ever chairlift, while your friend was too afraid to join you;

Because we see a loving and caring big brother;
We see a responsible and appreciative son;
We see an avid and persistent learner;
And we see a fearless and confident young man…

We see all of these in you, our son, and that made us proud as punch, also for the years to come!

Mom & Dad


Jimmy 每天都要跟妈妈说:“ 妈妈,我真喜欢你”。有次妈妈故意说,“妈妈又老又难看,你干嘛喜欢妈妈?”。 Jimmy答: “我知道。可我还是喜欢你!”